Let’s Talk About DOOH Advertising

Five days a week Fara walks from the train platform at KL Sentral to the concourse to grab a coffee.

She says good morning to the staff on the counter, chooses her order, pays and looks at the screen above her head.

3thirds Inc.’s twin audio enabled AdPanels at Levels 1 and 2 of KL Sentral main concourse and ticketing area are a part of Fara’s daily life.

Not every clip grabs her interest, but after 15 seconds her eyes look up again as the content changes.

3 minutes and her order is ready. 🥤🍩

Coffee in hand, she heads up to the LRT to grab a connection to her office.

In the evening, Fara is back at Sentral. Her train is coming into the station, but as usual, she first checks the reminders on her phone.

Her kids have sent a shopping list. She can pick up the items at Nu Sentral. There’s another train leaving in half an hour. ⏱

Shopping done; she stops at the platform entrance to check that her train is on time.

6 minutes. No need to rush, she thinks.

As she relaxes, her attention drifts to the images playing on the overhead screen.

A minute later, she gathers her thoughts and heads off to her train and home.

More than 200,000 people use KL Sentral every day (Moving Walls Data).

Approximately 589,000 unique visitors pass through it every month. A number that continues to grow (Moving Walls Data.

Fara viewed 12 spots on 3thirds Inc.’s twin AdPanel screens today alone. Some of them more than once.

The ads weren’t intrusive or coercive. They didn’t cut across the content she was enjoying.

She actively chose to consume them.

Studies have shown that DOOH advertising generates as much brand affinity as a regular TV commercial.

In an increasingly on-the-go society, DOOH enables brands to communicate with consumers in their preferred locations.

Instead of waiting for them to sit on the couch and turn on the TV. 🛋💻🍿

The coffee Fara bought doesn’t hurt, either.

A 2022 Journal of Marketing [MA1] study in Europe found that consumers who drank coffee before they shopped ended up spending around 50% more than those who didn’t. 👀

A DOOH campaign reaching KL Sentral’s 589,000 unique monthly visitors is a reach equivalent to around 12% of the Klang Valley population, based on 2020’s e-Census. That’s huge.

That’s a truly mass audience of Professionals, Managers, Executives, Businesspeople, Expatriates, Students and Workers from every income group and social class across the economy.

Our screens occupy strategic concourse facing locations in this high-traffic environment geared to create maximum brand exposure:

⁃ 18 Hours Daily (6 am – 12 midnight)

⁃ 3 mins per cycle x 2 AdPanels = a max 720 cycles per day.

They can accommodate numerous tactical and programmatic add-ons, including:

⁃ Livestreaming

⁃ On Ground Sampling

⁃ Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Integration

⁃ App Integration

⁃ SMS Integration

Which makes it an incredibly cost-effective targeted solution for businesses of every size and shape.

Hundreds of thousands of daily users across Malaysia already trust 3thirds Inc. to deliver the product messages they want to see.

As a company, we have a proven track record of customer service excellence and product efficiency.

DOOH advertising is the revenue growth choice of the future. And that’s not just our opinion.

We’d love to know what you think about DOOH.

Has your brand tried DOOH advertising before? Did it meet your expectations?

What would it take for you to use it in the future?

We’d love to get your perspectives on a product and market that we’re passionate about.

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