Creating A Successful Business with DOOH

To run and develop a successful business, you must focus on brand awareness. Digital display advertisements are able to increase the brand awareness for your business by 47.7% while also increasing the purchase amounts by 29.5%. Utilizing DOOH advertising methods will allow your business to receive equal amounts of brand affinity as you would with regular TV commercials.

Given 70% of people spend their time outdoors, everyone is always on the go! Instead of hoping consumers will catch your ad while they’re sitting on their couch watching a specific channel, you can ensure they’ll constantly see it on their daily commute to and from work. About 83% of people even admit remembering the OOH ads they saw during the last 30 minutes of their shopping spree given 72% of people who view the outdoor advertisements go shopping on their way home from work! This is also proven by the fact that 40% of adults visit the social media page or website of an organization after seeing an OOH advertisement.

When asking consumers about their most memorable and trustworthy advertising experiences, 34% said that OOH was the most memorable and 24% said that OOH was the most trustworthy. Fortunately, these percentages are not far behind those for TV advertisements which were 46% and 28%. These numbers tell you that DOOH is here to stay!

By integrating DOOH advertisement methods into your business model now, you will have the opportunity to reap the substantial revenue growth benefits in the very near future. We are quickly moving into a digital age of people who are constantly on-the-go and staying up to date with the newest trends. Given 68% of consumers frequently make most of their shopping decisions while in their car, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to use DOOH to show them that your brand is the one they need! By placing directional information on your digital billboard ad, you’ll influence the 50% of consumers who respond directly to this type of information.



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