Why Digital Out of Home Advertising Is Here to Stay

Digital Out of Home Advertising is the revenue growth method of the future that uses place-based targeting, multi-channel retargeting, and audience-based targeting to completely change the performance marketing channel! This form of advertising combines the traditional advertisement formats located in public places and transportation routes with the most advanced digital technology on the market today. DOOH capitalizes on the use of digital screens and billboards to display the most eye-catching advertisements to your target audience. The use of DOOH is continuing to grow and the possibilities for its development are truly endless!

3thirds Inc. uses the most advanced Digital Out of Home Advertising Solutions to allow your best advertisements to reach loyal customers and potential leads alike! Our DOOH AdPanels platform provides extremely strong visuals and crisp audio on highly visible digital screens. We focus on using this advanced DOOH technology to reach mass audiences in KL and Plaza Sentral. The power of DOOH lies within the concept that the large digital displays are guaranteed to be noticed by onlookers. Unlike bots or cookies, consumers can’t block, skip, or delete enormous billboards. We determine the perfect time frame to display your digital advertisements so the largest number of consumers will be able to see what your brand has to offer them. About 84% of Gen Z pay more attention to OOH advertising than any other advertising, so your brand will be seen! According to Nielsen’s 2019 Out of Home Advertising study, their interviewees spent an average time of 25 hours in their cars a week. Additionally, 23% of the 999 interviewees followed through to visit a businesses’ website after seeing their Out of Home advertisement.

You should believe these metrics because the numbers do not lie! Digital Out of Home Advertising is a fast-growing option for business owners who are serious about getting their brand out there and in front of consumers ready to buy. You should explore KL and Plaza Sentral as location options for your DOOH ads given they are large hubs for many consumers to see and respond to the advertisements for your business!



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