A Malaysia Based Global Financial Institution

Campaign Objective – The Client aimed to generate leads for every aspect of the company’s offerings (brand, product, service). To lead potential customers to their website,  customer engagement via calls, online form submission and/or online product purchases.

3thirds Inc worked with the Client to determine key verticals by importance and devised campaign strategies to achieve their goals.

First key vertical were to increase awareness and presence of the company via topic and keyword search results. As awareness grew, campaign objectives evolved from awareness to consideration and conversion.

The benchmark rate for the finance industry CPC was at RM2.46. However, via campaign optimisation, 3thirds Inc has managed the deliver in excess of clients’ expectations in terms of both clicks and cost.

Final CPC

RM 1.20


In savings incurred while generating 2x increase in Search traffic


Increase in Display Network

RM 231,614.48

Total Savings incurred

How It Worked

Key Components

  • The results were based on 1 quarter of the campaign (3 months).
  • Achieved savings was 51.3% for Search Network and 84.4% for Display Network.
  • Biggest takeaway – The 3thirds campaign led to the Client dominate certain sectors in their industry.



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